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Our CEO & Founder

“We help to market dreams, and to make your destination’s dreams come alive.”
Shireesh is truly a man of the world. Born in Rajasthan, India he began his career in the tourism industry as a tour guide while studying at the University of Udaipur. After completing his Masters in Political Science, he began his career in an executive position with a British tour operator, followed by working in hospitality marketing with a leading international hotel chain.
In 1983, Shireesh moved to the United States where for a decade he marketed destinations, taking American travelers to over thirty four countries around the world. His work and success led to his selection to build a new department of tourism for Washington State.
He founded Celebrations! in 1999, bringing together experts with the skills and contacts to help open the doors to opportunity in this global economy.
“In the tourism and hospitality industry, we must always be mindful of the 3-Ps: People, Passion, and Profitability. Only then can success be achieved.”
In addition to having extensively traveled the world and being a globally networked professional, Shireesh is an avid tennis player, gourmet cook, and a theater artist. He has lectured on tourism and its impact on local economies, customer retention, relationship marketing, strategic partnering, and Indian culture and history.
“Welcome aboard to Celebrations! We are dedicated and passionate in helping you navigate the fiercely competitive waters of the global marketplace and to make your efforts a success.”

Shireesh K. Sharma
Chief Executive Officer

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