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Global marketing

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Who can benefit from our services?


  • National Tourism Organizations
  • Regional Tourism Boards
  • Convention Centers
  • Visitor Attractions


  • Air Carriers
  • Hotels
  • Tour Operators
  • Cruise Companies
  • Train Operators
  • Incentive Operators
  • Conference Organizers



America is an attractive and necessary marketplace for any company wishing to capture an international presence for its products. However, for numerous reasons America is possibly the most challenging place to do business. We can help you develop and execute a well-planned strategy to enter and succeed in this vast and profitable marketplace.


India’s economy is rapidly growing and has dramatically impacted the global shift of business enterprises, service industries, and outsourcing solutions. It is a complex market managed by a highly skilled workforce, yet driven by deep cultural and social values. Our familiarity with the processes and systems in India make us uniquely qualified for any enterprise planning to establish a foothold there.


Celebrations! office in China provides representation and consultancy to its clients who wish to capture a share of the growing Chinese tourism industry – both incoming as well as outgoing. We understand the Chinese market and thus can establish our clients in this exciting and exacting region.
We are also working to help build the Chinese economic base in rural communities where tourism has a long-term future potential. Our work provides training to youth, jobs in the service industry and development of infrastructure that will bring to every level of communities economic enhancement and a better tomorrow.


Celebrations! expanded into the Gulf to provide our clients with opportunities to capture a share of that region’s growing tourism industry. Dubai boasts excellent air connectivity with the world, and its infrastructure growth has led to the development of diverse product offerings ranging from family vacations, to business meetings, to leisure pursuits. In addition, the increasing demand between the countries of the Gulf and China has led us to add staff fluent in Chinese to our Dubai office.