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Power of Passion

Everybody has passion. The first step to realizing it is to recognize it. Recognize what you have always wanted to do or what interests you most? Passion can unfold in different ways. Some make a concerted effort to find it, while others meet them literally at crossroads! PASSION IS DEDICATION. PASSION IS POSITIVE THINKING. PASSION IS PLANNING. PASSION IS EVOLVEMENT. PASSION IS BALANCE. We are helping people to move to their next level.

The Power of Passion© Seminar

Empowering people to move to their next level.
A one-day seminar on the art and science of personal and professional growth.

Technology and the race for financial freedom, for both individuals and organizations, have left little or no time for human beings to realize their passion. Executives are struggling to find happiness and balance between work and life. People constantly seek spiritual empowerment to recognize their full potential. Our one day seminar provides Instant Gratification that helps people move to their next level of excellence. Financial freedom is not possible without personal growth. Personal growth is not possible without living life with a passion. The seminar is highly entertaining, thought provoking, filled with humor and fun. Every attendee leaves the seminar with a smile and an irresistible drive to succeed in their personal and professional life.

The Power of Passion
© seminar is suited to mid and high level executives. Often one day group coaching is continued with individual consultations for those who want to achieve a higher state of consciousness by crafting a perfect communion of mind, body and soul.

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Economy of Bollywood

We identify direct relationship between Film and Tourism industries. Both impact the image and health of a community. Bringing a film production unit to your door step can instantly catapult your product into global limelight, irrespective of whether you are a destination, airline, public or private sector organization. Every business is an ultimate beneficiary.

The global market share of film industry is controlled by Hollywood and BollywoodUnited States & India – our regions of expertise. Our association with the film fraternity makes us uniquely qualified to recommend global outdoor shooting locations to Bollywood film makers. Need we say, the economic impact of a film unit in a community brings employment, use of local talent and technical crew and generates revenue to all segments of business, irrespective of their public or private nature.

Special offer:

A play in English & Hindi

Chanakyashastra is a fine play that highlights the leadership practices of Chanakya, the well known strategist and thinker from India. The play showcases the nine powerful gems (Navratnas) used by Chanakya in creating a leader like Chandra Gupta Maurya. A brain-child of Sanjay Srinivas, well known corporate trainer, theatre and film Director, the play is based in a corporate setting and aims to underline the usefulness and applicability of Chanakya's profound wisdom and invaluable teaching for the future leaders of a nation. An elite caste of professional actors performs this play exclusively for your organization in a city of your choice.

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